Pentacle of Venus
Pentacle of Venus

Pentacle of Venus

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A Powerful Pentacle to Bring the Bearer Love

Venus is the fourth of the seven fabled planets of the ancients.

Bring Love, Respect, Beauty, Passion, Friendship, Culture, Art & Creativity.

Unbeatable and unequalled for all matters of the heart. Good for all love matters, attracting a loved one, and obtaining grace and honor.

This Pentacle of Venus brings pure and lasting love!

Venus represents love, friendship, culture, pleasure, harmony, and signifies creativity and the arts.

This talisman consists of the second and fourth pentacles of Venus said to:

  • Compel the spirit of Venus to obey, bringing great power to force any person the owner desires to come to them
  • Ensure that others do as you wish
  • Bring Love, Romance, Respect, Beauty, Desirability and Passion
  • Enhance voluptuousness

This Pentacle of Venus is only made during the waning crescent when the moon and Venus are in conjunction to assure success in the affairs of love.

This seal helps to bring love from “a distance”, either when lovers are geographically apart, or when a person feels that the love of parents / colleagues / spouse is distant.

It will also help people to love, accept themselves, express this feeling to others through tolerance, understanding, equality and by maintaining the boundaries of love and lust.

PENDANT: 39mm / 1.5 inch - FREE SHIPPING-10days-

Gender : Unisex - Metal Color : Gold