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Pentacle of Venus

Pentacle of Venus

Pentacle of Venus - Bings Love and Romance

🌟 Experience Love : Harness the Power of this Pentacle 🌟

This pentacle catalyzes the energies of Venus, it will cause many positive changes in your love and relationship life:

  • It resolves relational, sentimental or family problems
  • It brings about good encounters, whether friendly, professional or romantic
  • It increases your magnetism and your power of seduction

Among the revered seven fabled planets of ancient wisdom, Venus graces us as the fourth celestial wonder. It is a celestial beacon, radiating love, respect and passion.

🌟 This Pentacle of Venus brings pure and lasting love 🌟

This Pentacle of Love is meticulously crafted during the waning crescent, specifically when the moon and Venus are in conjunction. This alignment guarantees success in all your love-related pursuits.

  • It compels the spirit of Venus to heed your desires, enabling you to draw anyone you wish closer to you.
  • It empowers you to shape the actions of others in accordance with your will (in Love)
  • It ignites the flames of Love, Romance and Desire: for you and those around you.
  • It enhances your beauty, invoking a feeling of voluptuousness.

Make yourself loved or find a lost love!

Try the Pentacle of Love, without any hesitation.

You don't have to do anything, just wear it and see your Love life change (filled with love). 

PENDANT: 39mm / 1.5 inch - FREE SHIPPING-10days-

Gender : Unisex - Metal Color : Silver

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