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Magnetic Hematite Therapy Beads Bracelet

Magnetic Hematite Therapy Beads Bracelet

Metal Color

Magnetic Hematite Therapy Beads Bracelet

Magnetic hematite bracelets are accessories that combine the aesthetic appeal of hematite beads with the health benefits known.

The hematite has healing properties and can provide various health benefits.

It can help alleviate pain, improve circulation, and provide other health benefits.

Hematite has a strong ability to boost energy and endurance. Thanks to it, we avoid agitation and mental tension. In other words, it is a great ally in reducing stress and eliminating bad thoughts.

In addition, it is capable of cleansing the aura and negative waves that surround it.

Also known for its benefits for weight loss!

Enjoy this Bracelet !

Stone Adjustable 8mn

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