Pentacle of Luck
Pentacle of Luck

Pentacle of Luck

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Talisman for Good Luck - Brings Good Luck & Success!


Jupiter is the sixth of the seven fabled planets.

The Jupiter talisman consists of the sixth and seventh pentacles of Jupiter.

  • Protect one from all earthly dangers
  • Give great power against poverty by bringing luck in gambling, business, and lawsuits
  • Brings tranquility of mind. Make a person honest with a deep moral sense
  • Increase mental energy
  • Gives great ambition
  • Ensure good fortune at all times
  • Gives freedom from all money problems
  • Imbues great mental energy
  • Builds strength of will and character

This talisman brings the wearer Good Luck, especially for anyone engaged in a business or a speculative adventure such as Gambling, Investments, or Sports.

The Seal of Jupiter is said by the Ancients to be an aid to Success and by concentrating upon it, your powers of selection and decision making will be greatly enhanced.

Try the Pentacle of Luck, without any hesitation. You don't have to do anything, just wear it everyday and see your life change.

PENDANT: 39mm / 1.5 inch - FREE SHIPPING-10days-

Gender : Unisex - Metal Color : Silver