Pentacle of Fortune
Pentacle of Fortune

Pentacle of Fortune

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It serveth to acquire riches and honour forever !

To this very day, it still protects a large number of famous names in this world!

This pentacle will open up your spiritual path to money forever.

With the Pentacle of Fortune, money will be attracted to you.
It is a fabulous present of Money and Happiness, so ask it to light up your path leading to a destiny full of Joy, Happiness and Money !

For anyone desiring Fortune, this powerful pentacle will bring fame, popularity and wealth to your door:

  • Will increase your chances of winning (boost your luck in lotteries, gambling, all types of money game)
  • Will protect you against bad Luck 
  • Will help you to get a beautiful Life with easy Wealth
  • Will light up your path leading to a destiny full Happiness and Money

Why loose when you can win.

It is enough simply to touch it, in order to defeat bad luck and win Betting Games.

Get this Pentacle of Fortune today and be stunned at your rise to fame and fortune!

You will find that people are drawn to give you money and spend on you and your ventures.

You will be lucky with money and always have a steady cash flow.

Use it wisely and give back to get more.

Are you in over your head in debt?

When debt is ruining your life you need this Pentacle of Fortune. No more sleepless nights over debt.

There is money just waiting for you, perhaps a lot of money, thanks to your Pentacle of Fortune !

Try this Pentacle of Fortune, without any hesitation. 


PENDANT: 39mm / 1.5 inch - FREE SHIPPING -10days-

Gender : Unisex - Metal Color : Silver